Get our Love Island look

If you are anything like us you will be gripped to ITV2 at 9pm every night (and left with a longing on a Saturday night).  Yes, reality show Love Island has taken the UK by storm with millions tuning in to watch the drama unfold.  I mean what's not to obsess over?  Sunshine, beautiful folk, drama and luurrvvee all in one show!

We do feel for the girls though and the pressure some of them must feel to wear make-up during the day in the sunshine.  Every morning we watch as they gather in that dressing room and put on the works, even if it is an 'au natural' look they opt for.  

If only they had booked into the Moya Wren studio on the run up to their TV debut!  They wouldn't even have to think about their make-up melting in the sunshine as PMU make-up gives you that gorgeously enhanced look, without the need to reach for a lippie, liner or brow powder every hour.

We caught up with the fabulous Moya Wren artist Alan, to find out what his top tips are for looking and feeling great in the sunshine - regardless of where you may be jetting off to this summer.

Alan's Top 10 Summer Tips

1. Have your brows done! Permanent makeup can transform your face and can even give you an extra 10 mins in bed! Who doesn't want to step out the pool with beautiful brows?  Remember PMU can take up to 7 days to heal and your treated areas should be kept out of the sun during that time, so keep this in mind if you decide to book in.

2. Wear a good sun cream - physical sunblocks like the alumier M.D. sunscreens keep you protected all day! 

3. Have a chemical peel to rid yourself of all that dull skin so you glow when on holiday! Just make sure you do it at least 3 weeks before you go in the sun and remember this treatment cannot coincide with your PMU.  Give us a call and we can create the perfect scheduling for your treatments on the run up to your holiday!

4. Get a lash lift. It makes your own lashes look amazing, keeps them curled and lasts for 6/8 weeks.. no panda eyes in the heat! 

5. Get some HD brows! Keep on top of your permanent makeup by getting some HD brows before your holiday. The sun can lighten your brow hair.

6. Invest in good skincare. Nothing ages skin like the sun! It's so important to keep your skin protected and hydrated through the summer months! Alumier M.D. is my product of choice! 

7. Have your eyeliner tattooed. No more smudges from your (not very) waterproof mascara. You can have a subtle lash enhancement to frame your eyes and no one would even know or a full on smokey look. Whichever you like! My liner blue, I'm going for that 80's vibe! 

8. Get a good bronzer.  There's nothing I like better than bronzer (as you may know!) but it's hard to find a good one that doesn't give off satsuma vibes. I like Rimmel bronzer in 'sun glow'. This product can take your skin from day to evening as the sun goes down and there is no need for sun block.

9. Everything in moderation! Don't have too much sun, don't have too much to drink (2 rules for good skin) and remember to enjoy yourself! 

10. Last but not least my favourite tip is to get a lip blush PMU treatment. If I could only invest in one area of permanent makeup it would be my lips, I love always having a colour on my lips and it makes lips look bigger too!

So investing in PMU will enable you to feel poolside ready at any point, with all your best bits enhanced.  No need for make-up top ups during the day or the fear of panda eyes, you can relax and feel like the babe you are. Love Island ready or what?!

To celebrate our proposed 'Love Island Look' we are giving all of our clients who book in for brows, lips and liner before the 31st August the chance to enjoy £100 off with Moya! All you have to do to claim this offer is quote 'Love Island' when you call us on 0141 773 4980 to book.

But hurry, this offer is subject to availability so get in there quick!


The Moya Wren Team x

*Ts & Cs apply.  Offer ends 31st August 2018 at 5pm. Offer is only valid with Moya Wren and is subject to date availability at time of booking.  Promoter reserves the right to remove this offer at any time.

4th July, 2018