Caring for your brows in the sun

At last!!! We all got what we wished for, perfect brows and SUNSHINE who could ask for more?!

Whether you've just recently had your brows tattooed or you're a die hard regular and would never be without them, following these simple tips will help keep your brows from fading before your very eyes!

- Wear a hat in the midday sun. This will not only protect your brows but your delicate facial skin and your hair too.
- Apply regularly (depending on strength and time spending out in the sun) a factor 30+ directly to the brow area. Tattoo protection SPF sticks are ideal as they fit neatly into a small purse and can be applied easily anywhere.
- Having your brows tinted and groomed will give them that extra boost of colour just before a holiday.
- Wearing a light application of waterproof brow powder over the PMU will add extra colour and a layer to act as a barrier against the sun too (applying any brow make-up will be much easier and quicker now you're tattooed!)
- Don't think that wearing sunglasses is enough to protect your brows as the suns rays penetrate from above the rim.

So remember even if your walking about and not sunbathing on a sunny day, you still need brow protection.

To prolong colour retention, I'd advise you to limit your exposure to the sun and any products which may exfoliate the treated skin. I would also recommend a colour boost approximately every 6 to 18 months to keep your results looking as fresh as the day they were created.

So whether you are jetting off or simply soaking up the rays in your gardens, enjoy!
Moya x

10th June, 2018