Just Brows-ing

Oh the research and discussion that's gone in to the quest for eyebrows - not just a new pair…..but A PAIR. Something I haven't had for decades, after a disastrous over plucking at the tender age of 16! How I have envied those with abundant brows to frame the face, to communicate, to raise and to lower at will and to generally enable individuality and expression. 

Phew!.....all that from couple of wee hairy beasties on your face?......You bet…particularly if you have never had them. Don't listen to those people who say you don't miss what you never had. Rubbish! My name is Linda and I suffer from Brow bitterness. Or at least I did until I met Moya Wren.

Had I been the proud owner of beautiful brows, I would certainly have raised them on arrival at the Moya Wren Studio. I'm not too sure what I was expecting, but certainly not the elegance and professionalism that greeted me on arrival at the Studio. Scrupulously clean and stylish. Hey - maybe this was a good decision after all. Gradually the butterflies in my stomach were calming. How ridiculous - a middle-aged woman taking her daughter with her for support……not to the doctors, dentist or hospital……but to get a pair of eyebrows! 

After completing a general heath type questionnaire the brow numbing cream was applied and we relaxed with a coffee in the brow prenatal room while it worked. The birth of my brows had begun. I was in Brow Labour!! We were then taken to the first floor where the artists work. Loved the place! Colour and style oozed from the eye-catching décor and again reinforced the positive for me - creativity at its best. A talented artist would be creating my new brows. Now feeling really good about the whole experience.

Moya Wren has a wealth of experience in the whole skin care and permanent makeup industry, which was evident from the questions she asked and the advice she gave me. I didn't want the eyebrows to takeover my face. I wanted a natural looking eyebrow but with definition and depth to enhance my features. Moya summed it up nicely when she said "You don't want Saturday night eyebrows on a Sunday morning." Yes - she got it!!! She then proceeded to draw on the brow to see if I liked it. Yes - looked fab. She then showed me the colour she advised would create the effect I was looking for. Again - she was spot on. Then the Van Gough of the Permanent Make up industry made it happen. I was surprised the process was almost pain free, as I was prepared to suffer for such a worthy cause. Soon I was looking at my new brows.

 They were gorgeous. Great colour and terrific shape. I was - and am delighted. I even got the thumbs up from my daughter and you know how rare that is! I left with instructions of how to care for my new babies and I'm glad to say they are both doing well. I haven't mastered the individual raising of an eyebrow technique yet - but I've morphed from being a middle-aged browless wimp to a bad-ass brow dominant warrior! 


Thanks Moya! Cheers, Linda x

24th June, 2018