We often have clients visiting our studio, after having a bad experience with permanent make-up elsewhere.

If this has happened to you, we first of all recommend that you go back to the technician who originally performed your treatment to see if they can correct their work. If not, we can correct some cases of bad permanent make-up work. We also offer Laser Removal, if this is to be required, before we can work over the area, as a lot of cases are too dark or bold to be covered.

Please be aware that our correction work costs more than work originally performed by us, as it requires more time and more expertise. So make sure that you spend a lot of time thinking about choosing the RIGHT technician to go to for permanent make-up. After all, it is your face.


Price on quote for correction work, please send photograph to

Please note, if eyebrows have actually been TATTOOED by a tattoo artist, this cannot be corrected and laser removal will be required.

Previous work from another clinic, before laser

After laser sessions and Brow Micropigmentation by Josephine