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permanent makeup glasgow

Permanent Makeup Glasgow

Permanent Cosmetics Company

Moya Wren is a passionate and gifted Aesthetician and Permanent Make Up Artist. A leader in the industry, her creativity and eye for a beautiful set of Eyebrows - suited to each individual has given her a great reputation as someone you can trust, and a long career in the industry. Creating thousands of eyebrows (lips and eyes) and giving women and men confidence within themselves again. Also teaching and mentoring many talented artists, who have gone on to have successful careers in their own right. Moya has an Affiliate Program where artists can be approved and affiliated by the Moya Wren brand, and promoted by the Moya Wren website and part of the booking system. We also pride ourselves on providing an expansive and inspiring training program, with Moya and her experienced artists, guiding new artists into their PMU career and helping experienced artists expand their skills. We look forward to welcoming you to have the Moya Wren experience and we thank you for trusting us to help you reclaim your true inner and outer beauty!

permanent makeup glasgow

Micropigmentation Artists

Moya and her Affiliate Artists all come from either a beauty and aesthetic or makeup artistry background, giving them the edge in the application of permanent cosmetics - that fine eye for detail which is so important.

All artists are creatively driven which allows us to give you the most natural and beautiful Permanent Makeup possible. We bespoke an individual look to each client as every person has completely unique facial features. Our aim in the application of Permanent Cosmetics is always to complement and enhance natural beauty, so you can feel like the best version of yourself.

Our artists attend regular training courses and seminars, as well as in house development training. We use only the finest of professional brands in PMU, Moya is an ambassador for Brow Code, and we also love to use brands such as Killer Beauty, LI Pigments, and A Permanent Solution.

permanent makeup glasgow

Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup involves the soft colour enhancement of facial features, including brows, eyes and lips. It can also be applied medically to recreate areola, camouflage scars and disguise vitiligo.

The treatment is very similar to conventional tattooing in that it is an invasive procedure, but less traumatic in application which fades over time allowing you to change your look. It remains visible for a period of time, determined by your skin and lifestyle, requiring maintenance/colour refresh to keep it looking fresh and defined.

Although named 'permanent makeup' the procedures are not to replace the products in your makeup bag, but to enhance your natural beauty so you no longer feel as much of a desire that you require makeup.

Permanent cosmetics are only as good as the technician applying it. Extensive knowledge in this specialised field coupled with an artistic hand and creative eye will deliver the best results.

permanent makeup glasgow

Our Promise to You

There is nothing more important to us than our clients. The best part of our job is knowing that we give happiness and newfound confidence with our procedures.

Permanent makeup is a big commitment and must be done by a professional artist, so please be careful and do your research. Make sure you are booking with the right person. We look forward to welcoming you to our private, warm and friendly studio where we make every client feel special.

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