permanent makeup glasgow

What is PMU?

Permanent Makeup

Permanent Cosmetics is the ultimate convenience of soft colour enhancement to enhance facial features. It can also be applied medically to recreate areola, camouflage scars and disguise vitiligo.

Also referred to as 'Micropigmentation' it is the process of applying micro insertions of pigment into the dermal layer of the skin, using a specially designed digital machine controlled with a sterile probe.

Very similar to conventional tattooing in that it is an invasive procedure but less traumatic in application and fades over time allowing you to change your look. It remains visible for a period of time, determined by your skin and lifestyle, requiring maintenance/colour refresh to keep it looking fresh and defined.

permanent makeup glasgow

Permanent Makeup Procedures

Although named 'Permanent Makeup' the procedures are not to replace the products in your makeup bag, but to enhance your natural beauty so you no longer feel as much of a desire that you require make up.

Permanent Cosmetics is only as good as the technician applying it. Extensive knowledge in this specialised field coupled with an artistic hand and creative eye will deliver the best results.