No. The procedure does not affect the present hair follicles. The hair will grow as normal, and will still require the normal maintenance, eg waxing, threading, to keep the shape groomed and in line with your new look.

Booking fees are essential for every appointment taken, to keep the business running smoothly and secure your place in the diary. The minimum deposit amount is £50 (Madison) £100 (Moya), which can be taken over the phone, on our online booking system or brought into our premises. Only after you have paid your booking fee will your appointment be secured, as our booking system doesn't allow us to book without one. The reason for this is that it is a specialist, professional procedure, and have a high demand for appointments, therefore, appointment times are very precious. Booking fees are non refundable. If your notice of cancellation is 48 hours or less, or if you fail to disclose medical information that results in a refusal of treatment, a new booking fee will be required to secure a new apt space. If you have had previous work done, it is imperative that you inform us about this at the time of booking your appointment. To avoid disappointment on the day, please read the guidelines on our websitel. Gift vouchers are non-refundable.

No! Never! This is a myth, as Tattoo artists will normally shave an area to help see where their design is being placed, before they start. Permanent make-up artists enhance what you already have, and wouldn't take away something that is a benefit to you! Untidy hairs that are not in the shape of the final look will be removed, to achieve a groomed brow. (Please don't shave or over pluck your brows before coming to us as this can affect the implantation of pigment)

MICROBLADING is the original traditional form of facial tattooing that originates from Asia. Its popularity has increased due to the method being more accessible. It is cheaper to buy or train in, as there is no expensive outlay on a machine. It is performed with a small handheld tool similar, to a pen, that holds a configuration or grouping of needles. These needles fit tight together in a line, to create a hair stroke effect when applied to the skin by a trained artist. MICROPIGMENTATION is performed using the latest technology, with a handheld pen-like device attached to a digital machine, that is controlled by the artist. According to the type of skin he or she is working on, the artist can increase or decrease the speed and pressure applied, even when working on sensitive skin. Both methods are under the PMU umbrella, so to speak, and produce colour implantation in the skin, which is classed as cosmetic tattooing. Here at Moya Wren Permanent Cosmetics, we give the look associated with Microblading. Using a digital machine, we produce lifelike hair strokes to mimic the look of real eyebrow hair, hence we call it DIGITAL MICROBLADING

Pigment colours are chosen to match and complement your natural skin and hair tone. We would never use black pigment in any complexion as an eyebrow colour, as no matter how dark your skin is, it can reflect navy blue tones in your skin over time or if exposed to the sun. However, we can achieve a darker eyebrow, using alternative shades and tones, if this is the look you desire, and it is suited to you. All procedures, immediately following the application, will appear darker for approximately seven days until they heal and soften

Beginning with a variety of basic pigment shades, virtually any colour can be mixed to complement your natural skin tones. We work with you discussing your preferences and making suggestions to help to perfect your look. We custom design your Permanent Make up to colours that will suit you best. The client does not choose the colour through a bottle, as we base our choice on skin tone, hair colour, eye colour and the Fitzpatrick scale, as this is how our artists are trained and highly skilled in. We never match to cosmetic pencils or powders, as these are designed to sit on the skin not in the skin, so colours vary.

Everyone’s pain threshold is different, therefore, we cannot answer this question with a yes or no answer. However, what we will say is that we use numbing cream prior to the procedure and numbing lotion during the application to keep you comfortable. Pain is minimised and controlled.

This will vary between each person, as many factors are taken into account. Factors include your natural skin type and the skincare products you use, colour chosen, for example lighter colours like blondes will require more maintenance than darker shades. Sunbed users and sun lovers will fade quicker due to UV light. Certain medical conditions and medication will all contribute to fading over time, though the expectation can be anywhere between 6 months and 5 years.

Safety and health are our priorities. At all times we adhere to the strictest sterilisation procedures. Only new sterile disposable needles, which are opened in front of each client, are used for your complete safety. Everything is cleaned and sterilised between clients, the room, the bed, the lamp, the trolley, and anything we have touched by a gloved hand. We have been trained to exacting hygiene standards.

Surface healing is 7 to 10 days, however, it takes a MINIMUM of 28 days to see the final result of your permanent make up. It can take up to 2 months depending on age and condition of the skin. The older you are the longer the healing process between treatments

Healing is minimal to moderate in discomfort and inconvenience. It is different for every individual. It is skin type dependant, eg if you have an oily skin type you will heal differently to someone with dry skin. You can expect slight flaky skin, itchiness, fading and patchiness, this is all normal! The pigment can fade and will resurface again once it has settled in the skin (usually 4 weeks).

Immediately! The colour may appear a little darker than usual for the first few days. The crusting is only slightly visible, but usually never really noticeable. Make up can be used around the area but not directly over it

We always consult with you on the day of your appointment and discuss shape, colour, look etc however you can book a separate consultation if you would like to meet the Artist and have any questions or concerns before you book also we need to see you if you have had previous work elsewhere and are looking for correction work or advice.

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