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Brows are our most popular procedure at Moya Wren Permanent Cosmetics, and are a well-known specialty of ours. Our team have an eye for what the perfect brow for each client should be. Moya and our technicians are artists, which is a very important attribute in the process of permanent makeup. Being an artist allows us to give you the most natural and beautiful eyebrows possible, designed for you as an individual.

Our team create brows that are tailored to you. They will create the suited shape for your face and taste, and use the perfect pigment for your skin tone and hair colour. They will enhance and complement your natural beauty. We aim to create the most realistic set of brows possible, so we work with your natural hair and will only remove strays! Along with the artist, you will choose whether the hair stroke, powder, ombre or combination effect will best suit your lifestyle and skin type.


At Moya Wren we utilise the most natural and realistic of techniques. Below are examples of our four leading brow looks.

permanent makeup glasgow

A shaded effect to give full colour to the brow area. Also referred to as 'Shaded Brow'. This gives a bolder, more striking look.

Powder Technique
permanent makeup glasgow

This is a different type of shading technique, creating a more subtle colour at the bulb of the brow and a bold defined tail.

Ombre Technique
permanent makeup glasgow

Combination of hair strokes and powder technique. Contact Moya Wren Permeant Cosmetics for information on combination brows.

Combination Brow
permanent makeup glasgow

Moya Wren Permeant Cosmetics use a hair stroke eyebrow technique known as the hair simulation technique, feather stroke or brush strokes.

Simulation Technique