Lip Enhancement Glasgow

Lip enhancement can be used to reshape lips, give an illusion of fullness or even just create a beautiful colour that lasts after you have removed your lipstick. We have a wide range of colours available for lip enhancement; we can enhance your natural lip colour or even mimic your favourite lipstick, depending on the result you would like to achieve.

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Lip Liner

To give the lips a definite line of colour enhancing your shape and giving an outline for your lipstick

permanent makeup glasgow

Lip Blush

The most popular of our lip procedures. A definite outline to perfect your lip shape, with a subtle shaded colour to make your lips come to life! This procedure can be as natural or as bold as you wish, as we have a wide range of colour choices.

permanent makeup glasgow

Full Lip Colour

Complete definition and colour for your lips. The whole lip area is tattooed to create a fuller more colourful lip in a stronger shade, which will decrease the need to constantly reapply lipstick.